Maya Fowell
Maya Fowell interviews Roberto Chieppa, Secretary General, Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, to find out how the Italian Competition Authority’s ideology differs from other European bodies, the impact multinational bodies have on investigations and his top tips for how best to handle a competition investigation....Full Article »
In this Legal IQ interview, John Upton, Legal Counsel, Baker Hughes, shares his views on how to overcome the common pitfalls of an internal investigation, what the best tips for cutting investigation costs are and the most effective strategies your company can have in place before, after and during an internal or external investigation....Full Article »
Mobile IP is set to take the industry by storm in 2015. People are no longer sitting at desks all day with access to a computer… as the behavior of IP Professionals changes so must IP. In order to achieve its projected goals IP has to be managed on tablets and smartphones and it has to be easily accessible at all times. Mobile IP will...Full Article »
Catherine Lacavera is the Director of IP and Litigation at Google. Named one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, a U.S. Rising Star by Legal500, and one of the most innovative in-house counsel by the Daily Journal, Google’s secret weapon in litigation wars is Catherine Lacavera. In this exclusive interview, Maya Fowell interviews...Full Article »
Maya Fowell interviews Bitten Thorgaard Sørensen to find out about compliance guidelines, the tools your company needs to avoid competition law infringement and the effects of internationalisation....Full Article »
IP Troll Tracker Stephanie Kennedy, is the CEO of 898 data, for the last 5 years she has optimised large data sets and developed custom software for clients to track their information to help them make insightful business decisions. She has over 20 years experience dealing with patent assertion and litigation consulting. Since 2001, Stephanie has...Full Article »
There is ample evidence that patent litigation is a critical issue because it conditions the enforcement of patents and therefore helps to set their value and significance in the market place. However, with different courts wanting to proceed in different ways just how we can all come together and create an umbrella law to govern litigation is not...Full Article »
In 2010, two of the world’s most recognised tool companies merged. Stanley (most famous for hand tools) and Black...Full Article »
Given the highly competitive and lucrative nature of the global IP industry, it is more important than ever for IP lawyers to stay abreast of current enforcement tactics to ensure they are implementing the most competitive strategies to protect and defend their IP portfolios. Although litigation may be the preferred strategy by most, it is not...Full Article »
The European Patent system has their windows open to essential developments. Several changes have taken place recently but essential preparations have been undertaken to allow further developments. Some actions might seem to be internal, but their intention is to enable better collaboration with applicants and support applicants to file quality...Full Article »