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The Next Chapter of Nordic IPR

This eBook focuses on the most important strategic challenges facing IP owners and innovators, as well as those who advise them in 2015. Topics covered include: IP Survey results – 2014 vs 2015 – what is your strategy? How to Use Current Trends To Your Advantage IPR Strategy Corner: expertise and dos and don’ts Is your IP mobile yet? The impact of trolls on innovation – two different angles Patents, Legislation, Infringement! Learn more

Top Five Global Patent Concerns for 2015

This Legal IQ whitepaper focuses on the Top 5 Global Patent Concerns for 2015. Insights include: Google's Director IP and Litigation, Catherine Lacavera's strategies for effective protection and litigation Judge Christoph Gasser's litigation lessons from the Swiss Federal Patent Court Nokia's six cost-effective monetisation solutions you can implement today Questel's essential IP Survival Guide for profitable technology investment Global Patent trends and tips for litigating worldwide Learn more

The 10 Commandments of Nordic IPR

Understanding the do's and don'ts of intellectual property can be a tricky business in the ever-shifting, modern, global legal environment. For this reason we spoke with intellectual property experts including Joakim Hammarsjö, Managing Director at Sandvik Intellectual Property AB and Magnus Johansson, Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel at Kongsberg Automotive to compile a list of the 10 Commandments of Nordic IPR. Learn more

Big Data, Better Data at the FCA- Full Transcript- An Interview with Keith Foggon and Sanjay Bhandari

In this transcript of a Legal IQ podcast, Sanjay Bhandari Partner, Forensic Technology and eDisclosure Services at EY interviews Keith Foggon Head of Digital Evidence Unit Financial Conduct Authority. They discuss how eDisclosure is handled in the FCA and how increasingly, the trend is towards better data, not necessarily more data. Additionally, the ever tricky topic of audio data is raised. Learn more

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Leveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business Growth

Drawing inspiration from Tom Briscoe and his intriguing analogy for the development of patent strategy, Legal IQ conducted an investigation into how organisations leverage IP to achieve business growth. The report helps set the scene for the 7th Annual Global Patent Congress. Learn more

Meaning Based Coding in HP eDiscovery

This whitepaper explains Autonomy’s solution of providing Meaning Based Coding throughout the ingestion, coding and review process. This provides comprehensive automation throughout the eDiscovery process, in combination with clarity for attorney’s and reviewers at each step. Learn more

Policy Based Information Governance: Transform Information Chaos into Enterprise Value

This whitepaper will explain the benefits of Policy Based Information Governance. These include helping businesses keep information volumes lean through de-duplication, defensible disposition, intelligent records management, and a range of governance capabilities. Learn more

Turning Your Information Into Enterprise Value

Our highly regulated and litigious environment provides numerous reasons to govern information accurately and consistently. However, without a process for governing how information is managed, retained, and ultimately destroyed, your organization is sure to uncover areas of legal and financial risk. This whitepaper will teach you how to enforce policies regardless of where the information is consumed, enabling you to effectively govern information across your enterprise. Learn more

Best Practices for Meeting Critical eDiscovery Challenges

In an environment of tightening regulations and continuous litigation, the ability to perform legally defensible and compliant eDiscovery is a concern that every enterprise must address. This whitepaper teaches you how to create a systemised eDiscovery program that overcomes the challenges of disparate systems, massive volumes of diverse data and technology. Learn more

E-Data: How to avoid boiling the ocean and other short stories

Ed Walker, Senior Corporate Counsel and Head of Legal at the Wolseley Group presents a four part e-data story. Wolseley is the world's largest distributor of plumbing and heating products and a leading supplier of building materials. Learn more

31 whitepaper results
of 4